How to create a widget
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How to create a widget

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Creating a widget is very simple task with UCL Widget.

Checkout a demo here.

Our widgets are useful for lead collection, user or lead segmentation, lead filtering, lead direction and much more.

We offer couple of different options within the widgets, such as:

1) Sending lead or visitor to a webpage, based on the answer of the lead or visitor

2) Asking another question to the visitor/user based on their previous answer

3) Collecting visitor information (or lead) right within the widget, and when you need to!

4) Showing different colleges to the visitor, based on their answers (We have world wide data of colleges and universities)

Our widgets are not just limited for Education, College and University Industries.

Based on your need, whatever your business is, you can always use the UCL Widget to filter leads, direct them to the right webpage, collect leads.

For the Education Industry, we offer a 'In-Widget' option to have a college search in the widget. So, you can quickly offer a college search functionality on your own website while keeping all users, visitors, leads data to yourself!

Here are the steps to create a widget for yourself:

1) Create or login to your UCL account

2) Go to widgets, and click on 'Create Widget' button

3) Then, you will get into the widget builder. You can add your first question which you would like to ask the visitor when they see your widget

4) You can create multiple options for any question. Each option gives you ability to perform some actions next, such as:

  • Ask another question
  • Go to a webpage
  • Collect lead and then go to a webpage
  • Collect lead
  • Show colleges and universities to visitor
  • Collect lead and then show colleges and universities to visitor

5) If needed, you can edit any question/option or action performed by any option.

6) If needed, you can edit the widget name by clicking on the edit icon next to the widget name in the widget builder

7) You can use the tools in widget builder for help or getting more out of your widget.

Such as zoom in, zoom out, preview, advanced settings, checking or validating widget  to look for any dead ends, and even change the widget builder layout!

8) You can change colors, branding, add text on pages, add privacy notice for your lead form, change seo visibility, seo title, seo description, whitelisted domains all from the advanced settings of the widget.

9) Once, you are ready with your widget, you can simply copy paste the widget code into your website and the widget will be up and running in no time!

Here at UCL, we love surprises and the amazing ideas people come in with!

So, Feel free to use UCL Widget for anything - and create your own lead filtering, lead segmentation, lead qualification, lead direction, lead collection system as you want to!

We would love to see what you come up with and we are always here to help you anytime you need!

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